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In 1917, Harry Culver, a promoter and real estate developer, incorporated the city and made it best known for the booming movie industry. MGM Studios, now Sony Picture Entertainment, built their studios in the city shortly after and continue to be a prominent resident of the City. The studio’s layout changed throughout time since its inception. Today many residences occupy what once was the backlot of MGM Studios. In addition to Culver City’s vast movie making history, it currently features some of the busiest and most lively eateries and cocktail bars on the west side. The Culver City Hotel, where classic meets contemporary, is one of the main landmarks in downtown Culver City. It offers nightly live music from up and coming artists and its Velvet Lounge provides a cozy 1920’s speakeasy feel. One newer attraction, the Platform, part of the Hayden Tract in Culver City, features over 100,000 square feet of curated merchants, chefs and creative businesses concentrating on healthy and balance living. Also for the adventure seekers, you can explore the 282 steep concrete stairs to the top of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, commonly known as the Culver City Stairs.
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